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Why you should invest in Dubai

Posted by Lux-Sar Properties on June 21, 2023

Dubai is a country that boasts a modern city life and has the lifestyle that everybody dreams of. It is one of those destinations that people have in their bucket lists. Due to its state-of-the-art architecture and advanced economy, more and more foreigners are investing in luxury real estate in the country. Securing long-term real estate in Dubai has become a trend among people, and that’s why many people are leaning towards getting a Golden Visa.

The rising number of real estate projects in recent years shows the growing interest of investors in Dubai’s property market. Its business-friendly atmosphere has attracted a large number of investors, who have pumped money into the city’s thriving economy and its real estate market, which is even better for economic growth in the upcoming years. Let’s take a glance at the reasons why you should invest in real estate in Dubai:

Flourishing Tourism Sector​

Dubai’s cutting-edge buildings, plush way of life, stunning beaches, and easy access to other parts of the world make it a top tourist destination. It’s no surprise why Dubai is such a haven for investors. Developers in the real estate market are constantly listing new properties in Dubai, many of which are stunning new constructions in promising and sought-after neighborhoods. One of its main advantages is that it is less costly than many other big cities, making it accessible to people of different income levels.

Safety and Security​

According to the World Economic Forum, the United Arab Emirates is considered to be the 3rd safest country in the world. Dubai’s proactive government, complaint law and order system, and safe environment is attracting ex-pats from all over the world.

Tax-free Benefits​

One of the greatest benefits of investing in Dubai property is that there is no property tax. Hence, you can remain free and easy with taxes. Any real estate property you buy in Dubai, you only need to pay the registration fees, and you are sorted for life in the context of additional taxes in the future.

Thriving Population​

The ever-growing population is increasing the need for the development of more properties in Dubai. With its continuous economic growth, the city of Dubai provides investors with a great opportunity to make a profit. Property dealers in Dubai like Lux-Sar Properties offer a fancy variety of real estate options for every budget.

Investor Visa​

Dubai allows an investor visa to foreign nationals with a minimum investment of AED 1,000,000 for a freehold property in Dubai. It helps maintain investors’ trust by allowing them freedom of movement during the visa’s validity period. It has also changed the game for Dubai’s economy. It shows how safe it is to invest in the city and shows the level of trustworthiness that Dubai upholds in its investors.

Promote Rental Yields​

Dubai is the perfect place for real estate investment if you are searching for high rental income. The investments can make you get a benefit of up to 8% per year through high rental yields. That percentage is far better than those you get in other cities like Hong Kong, New York City, and London.


Dubai is becoming a major financial hub, attracting investors from all over the globe. Since Dubai’s focus is on extraordinary growth and development, as seen by its cutting-edge planning, excellent infrastructure, and eco-friendly way of life, you can expect a fruitful investment here. In addition, the market in Dubai has evolved and real estate prices have levelled out, making now a great opportunity to invest in real estate. If you want to know more about that, contact Lux-Sar Properties.

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