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If you are bored from the usual spots you visit and looking for a change, then this article is for you. Dubai has no shortage when it comes to places to visit as it’s full of hidden gems. 

Scroll down to know more about the best hidden gems in this iconic emirate, which you might have never heard about before.



Are you looking forward to visiting new attractions? Here you go! There are various hidden ones in Dubai; check the list below to enjoy your time there:


1. Top Golf Dubai

This comes on the top of the list of the best hidden gems in Dubai. TopGolf is an ideal option for a cool and different outing. This unique spot provides you with high standard facilities for playing golf. 

The place’s setting is vibrant, making it a good outing idea if you’re a group of friends; you can play a game and then chit chat at any of the top restaurants and cafes inside TopGolf. 

Besides, they have various programs for all levels and ages so it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or not. Call your friends and head to this flawless destination on your next weekend! 


2. Al Qudra Lakes (Love Lake)

On the outskirts of the city, away from the hustle and bustle, Al Qudra Lakes are found. It’s one of the most beautiful hidden places in Dubai where you can enjoy some serenity around nature. 

They’re two intersected heart shaped lakes which are surrounded by beautiful greenery and lovely birds.

You can go there for a picnic with friends or family to enjoy the open view of the water and green areas. Just prepare a box filled with food, snacks, juices, and card games for a day like no other. 

It’s also one of the top romantic places in Dubai which is favoured by couples to have some quality time together. 


3. Al Serkal Avenue 

For all the art and culture lovers, here’s your ultimate spot to visit. AlSerkal Avenue hosts numerous exhibitions, galleries, exciting shows, and interesting workshops in different artistic fields. 

You will meet with various artists with distinct backgrounds; in addition, you can make new friends as it’s a great hub for all art and culture enthusiasts. 

Whenever you need to disconnect from the daily routine, head to this hidden spot in Dubai to free your mind and enjoy the masterpieces of different arts.


4. Iranian Mosque

The Iranian Mosque is one of the best hidden places to visit in Dubai. Its architecture is stunning on all levels. This mosque has two long minarets that look picturesque, leaving you astonished. 

In addition, its walls are in the different shades of blue, including the light shades and the dark ones, making for a breathtaking look. It’s inspired by the Moroccan architecture style which has a cheerful vibe and artistic details. 

You will enjoy sightseeing at such a distinct attraction. 


5. Crescent Moon Island Dubai

How about spending some quality time and having fun away from the crowded places? This sounds perfect. Crescent Moon Island is a waterfront destination and an ideal escape from the city. 

It’s an underrated gem where you can enjoy the sea views, play different water games, and relish some serenity. It’s named Moon Island as it’s shaped like a crescent, surrounded by crystal blue waters.

You’re going to find numerous activities to try there, including thrilling and restful ones. It’ll be your secret spot whenever you need to disconnect. 


6. Snow Cinema 

Now you can enjoy watching the latest movies in a snowy setting; yes, Vox Cinemas is bringing you a whole new concept and unique experience for cinema.

Ski Dubai is home to the Snow Cinema which is among the best hidden gems in Dubai. It’s your perfect escape whenever it comes hot outside. 

Besides, the movie booking includes a jacket, blanket, socks, and beanie to keep you warm. It’s such a distinct experience for all the winter lovers. Head there and bring your favourite hot chocolate for a flawless movie time. 


7. Ripe Market

Do you love shopping? If yes, then you should pay a visit to Ripe Market. It’s held weekly, offering you a huge variety of fresh products: fresh food, vegetables, fruits, and so on. 

It takes place outdoors during winter and indoors in summer so you can enjoy it during the whole year. You can get delicious cookies, heavenly scented hand-made soaps, ready-to-cook meals, and much more. 

It aims to encourage small start ups who offer high quality products; that is what makes it unique. Besides, Ripe Market has a cheerful setting, making you feel like you’re in a colourful festival. 

Go enjoy the market vibes and get the best quality items with budget-friendly prices.