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Purchasing a home in the United Arab Emirates in 2022 is a responsible and wise decision that has a lot of advantages to offer, especially in comparison with other countries. Some of these advantages include but are not limited to the following:

Regional security

The UAE is the safest and most peaceful country in the world. There is no political unrest and public order is strictly coordinated in accordance with local laws. Speaking of local laws, they are particularly harsh here. Especially since the death penalty is provided for some offenses. But in many ways, this helps to preserve the peace, as well as, the overall high level of well-being where the residents are concerned. Furthermore, according to a survey conducted on some of the residents here in the UAE, more than 90% of them feel happy and safe even at night.

Favorable climate

In the UAE, one can enjoy the sea and sun all year round as the weather remains wonderfully warm throughout! Also, these conditions are especially attractive for people who prefer warmer climatic conditions. What’s more, the new buildings are well-equipped for ensuring the optimum temperature and maintaining a comfortable microclimate.

The absence of taxes

In the UAE, there are unique conditions in which foreign citizens can benefit from living comfortably and doing business profitably. This means that there is no value-added tax and no personal income tax for them, as well as, no real estate tax in some areas. Is it any wonder that the tax system in the UAE is considered one of the most agreeable in the world for doing business.

Free ownership of property

When purchasing a home in a free-hold zone, you become the rightful owner. This means that you can dispose of the real estate in any way you want. So whether you decide to resell it, rent it out for the long-term (for several years) or short-term, give it always as a gift, or even alienate it, the decision is entirely up to you. Also, this right will later be transferred to your heirs. So as you can see, you are guaranteed 100% benefit from your investment as it will bring you both profit and pleasure.


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